What Is In A World (Hunz rework)

by Scott Spark

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    Last September, I released my first album - Fail Like You Mean It - thanks to the friendly folks at Sydney-based label Other Tongues. Feel free to have a listen via iTunes www.itunes.com/scottspark

    Recently, I've teamed up with a bunch of electronic artists I love. First, the Sweats rejigged Fail Like You Mean It pretty thoroughly. Now I give you Hunz's complete recasting of What Is In A World.

    My mind's still doing backflips - I'm amazed by what he's done. Hope you like it too.

    Find more on Hunz: hunz.com.au

    Meanwhile, if you tweet, I'm @scottspark

    For more: scottspark.com

    Alrightie, take care (more remixes and whatnot soon)


    (P.S. Awesome ghostly image to the right is by Tammy Law - tammylaw.com - her work's sensational)
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Hunz's reworking of What Is In A World.


Is it a crime to not want to work
sixty hours each week
and still have
someplace to sleep

It's not my problem alone, just ask those
in Chelsea or Carnegie Towers
at Three Gorges Dam
just ask them

What is in a world, what is in a world, what is in a world

One study says there are
six hundred and eighty one billionaires
but no-one I know knows one of them
or their friends
House-sitting and visiting friends
is the new homelessness
I propose additional tree-houses
and houseboats


released May 3, 2011
Original song written by Scott Spark, from Fail Like You Mean It
Recorded, Programmed and Engineered by Hans van Vliet
Mixed by Mark Dollin for Stormformer Productions
Mastered by Matthew Gray Mastering



all rights reserved


Scott Spark Sydney, Australia

Scott Spark sings about strategies for outsmarting death, love, wanderlust at Christmastime and life’s variety of screw-ups, while plinking the keys of anything that has them. As showcased on his albums, Fail Like You Mean It (2010) and Muscle Memory (2014), his sound is like a threesome between Harry Nilsson, Fiona Apple and ELO. ... more

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